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February 2020: seller financed properties available to see in Ca south counties =

230 available properties

Free service to buyers!​

No Bank Needed

Buyer Benefits:
*no bank qualifying
*self-employed no problem
*if own multiple properties
*if you're credit challenged
*quick escrow possible
*less closing cost

*free service to buyers


Seller Benefits:
*you set the sale price
*no appraisal required
*high interest rate paid to seller
*good if you don’t need to ‘cash out’
*attract large pool of buyers
*no up front cost

Phil Kaich & his wife Debi

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24 yrs offering seller financed properties

Available properties

"Seller financing plays an important roll in financing the sale of real estate, espeically when credit is tight."
National Association of Realtors

Times have changed and so have Financing and Lending Practices. It’s true that changes were long overdue because there had been some seriously egregious and downright wrong things going on. However, as is often the case, to correct a wrong the pendulum swings in completely the opposite direction and an overcorrection takes place. Such is the case in the Mortgage Industry today. We’ve gone from giving any living body a loan to such stringent of qualifying standards that many people who can afford and deserve a loan to buy a home can’t get one.

The purpose of this Web site is to inform the Homeowners and Home Buyers to a long existing, often used and sometimes overlooked form of financing… Seller or Owner Financing. Our goal is to inform, answer questions, present alternatives to Institutional Financing and to connect the Home Selling and Buying Public with well-educated and competent Real Estate professionals to assist them in completing transactions that are a Win-Win for both.​​​

Keep in mind that all transactions are unique in nature and so not all things apply to all transactions. Laws vary from State to State and frankly right now often well-intentioned Lawmakers are passing Laws that have both beneficial and negative impact to the Home Buying/Selling Public.
Take your time, browse the site, look for answers to your questions and if you don’t find them, don’t hesitate to ask us. We will do our best to help resolve and answer your questions. 

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