About seller financing

We play by different rules!

There is a big difference between the way banks 'have to' operate and the way seller financing works.
Beat the banks at their own game!

Banks operate by bureacratic rules but sellers can listen to and take any deal they are presented with that provides them worthwhile benefits. Sellers Win & Buyers Win.​​

Seller financing is NOT a loan provided by the seller of a property as no money is loaned to the buyer.

Rather, seller financing is the sale of the property in installments covering part or all of the sale price.

Usually, but not always, Seller Financing is a short term agreement. Sellers typically extend a 30 year amortized loan at or an above market interest rate. A Balloon Payment is usually due within 3-5 years or longer. Which means the buyer will need to either renegociate with the seller to extend the time period or pay off the entire remaining principle by getting a loan from the bank within the agreed time period. So if the seller is not willing to extend the time period, then you the buyer will need to refinance through conventional methods or sell the home and keep any equity. Sometimes the sellers will offer up to 30 year financing.