Why seller financing?

Bringing buyers and sellers together

We can bring buyers and sellers together so that it's a win win for both parties. Simply let us know what type of property you desire, the area and price range.
The benefits to buyers who purchase a property with
Seller Financing are GREAT!

It’s a well known fact that many “Qualified” Buyers are faced with seeking to find alternatives to conventional financing in today’s current lending environment. Let’s face it, there were many egregious things done in years past with how loans were made and frankly who got them. However well intentioned, Federal and State legislators have passed laws that make it hard to get a loan, and as is often the case, the pendulum swings in completely the opposite direction. In an effort to correct problems, and such is the case with Banks and Lending Institutions, they have almost made it impossible, for many qualified Buyers, to even obtain a loan with their new rules and guidelines. So what’s the alternative? Seller Financing!

Seller Financing is NOT a new thing.

Seller Financing is not a “New” thing, it has been around since people have bought and sold real property. It has been around since before Banks lent depositors monies out to others to buy! So called “Conventional” financing is actually the “Alternative” to Seller Financing when you get right down to it.

There are many advantages to Seller Financing, to mention just a few:

1. More reasonable guidelines to “Qualify”… Sellers rarely require or even want the kind of information a Lending Institution wants.

2. Less Stringent Guidelines… A Seller’s requirements are rarely so strict that they eliminate really qualified Buyers based on unreasonable and inflexible “guidelines”.

3. Reduced Costs and No “Hidden Fees”… Seller Financing doesn’t carry the burden of unnecessary hidden fees and costs that Banks often add to simply increase their profits or pay middlemen to sell and arrange your financing.

4. Smoother Quicker Transactions… Generally things run much smoother and escrows close quicker because there is an established level of trust that enters the transaction that facilitates problem resolution, a cooperative “win – win” spirit.

The biggest hurdle? The lack of knowledge…

The list of benefits differs as much as each Buyer’s personal situation does, so what’s the biggest hurdle? The lack of knowledge, information and finding an informed and willing Seller is all that normally stands in the way of a Buyer.
That problem no longer exists for you, since you have found the resource that can provides the solution to all those things we just mentioned!